Employment Opportunities


Come join a premier gym that is dedicated to the development of your personal training business. Well-established gym owners offer you state-of-the-art facility to bring your clients and create your own schedule. We are looking for friendly, energetic, hard-working, certified personal trainers who want a career, not just a job.

If you are interested in getting away from the corporate structure of the big box gyms and are looking to venture out on your own, our gym can help you!

If you are tired of forfeiting 40-60% of your income to the facility where you train YOUR clients, then Flex One Trinity is where you want to be. At Flex One Trinity, you will establish your own personal training fees, and you only pay a flat usage fee. Train as much as you want and as often as you want with no hidden costs.

What do clients look for when hiring a personal trainer?

  1. Flexibility in scheduling appointments.
  2. No monthly or annual membership fees.
  3. To train in an environment that is not intimidating for the client.

At Flex One Trinity your client has no membership fees, your client trains in a private personal training facility, and your client can schedule an appointment with you anytime because you have 24-hour access. All of these are key factors in fostering a better relationship with your client, which means a better client retention rate and revenue for you.

To get started in your new personal training environment, please contact us so we can set up a meeting at the facility.