Small Group Training

We decided to create these sessions for women, to be an alternative to all of the “boot camp” classes that are around. While high-intensity cardio certainly has its purpose, pure strength training sessions are required to tone your body and build strength. There will be no running, jumping or burpees in these sessions. Instead we will focus on strength building exercises with progressive overload to ensure that you’re getting stronger and building muscle.

We designed these sessions for women who want the personal training without the price tag that normally comes along with it. So you will still get a well-designed program, and with a 4/1 participant to trainer ratio, we can ensure that you will have a safe and effective workout.

Our sessions run in 4-week blocks, designed to allow you to steadily progress from week to week before starting a new block of exercises the following month.

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“I worked hard to lose 55 pounds after having my youngest son. Once I made it back to my pre-baby weight, the scale was where I wanted it to be but I realized my body didn’t look the way I was expecting. I knew I needed to build muscle, but I wasn’t comfortable lifting weights on my own. Since starting at Flex One, I have more energy to keep up with my kids, and I love the way I’m filling out my clothes. These Small Group training classes are exactly what I was looking for! “Dawn R.