How will my trainer know what program is right for me?

Prior to your first training sessions, you will sit down for a consultation and assessment with a trainer. We will go over your fitness goals, past exercise history, etc. to figure out what type of program is right for you. All of our personal training programs are specifically tailored to meet each client’s specific goals.

Can I come in anytime I want?

All training sessions are by appointment and we’re available when you’re available. Some clients have set days/times that they come in every week while others set their appointments week to week depending on their busy schedules. We’re here to cater to you.

Will strength training make me look big and bulky?

Only if that is your goal! The goal of strength training is to help you build muscle. Gaining weight (bulking) or losing fat will depend on the nutrition plan that is paired with your strength training. Your trainer will put you on the proper path to get to your individual goals.

I’ve found that gyms can be very intimidating, how is your facility any different?

I’ve heard this many times over the years and it’s one of the major reasons that people are drawn to a private facility over the big box gyms. Every client at our facility is working with their trainer, so you won’t see any intimidating, huddled masses in the weight training area.

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