Client Testimonials

Mark saved me from a life as a weakling! I have been working out with Mark for over 2 years. I was a 58 year old recovering from a dislocated shoulder and could not open a jar of peanut butter to save my life. Mark skillfully assessed my condition and prescribed a regiment to get me back in shape and skillfully did so rather quickly. I continue to see Mark twice a week and with all sincerity, I feel better after each workout. Flex One is a great gym and Mark can provide a personal and professional workout in a no-pressure setting whatever your goals are or whatever your age is.
Ed R.
I’ve been attending the small group training with mark in the mornings for a couple of weeks now, and have to say he lives up to the reviews. He’s very professional and challenges me every time I come in. He also does a great job of explaining the exercises without coming off as condescending or mansplainy, lol. I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve started to look forward to my 6am strength training.
Dawn R
I trained with Mark for over 3 years and lost 50 pounds. I loved his bootcamp classes so much I decided to try personal training. I am so thankful I did. He is a great trainer who is patient and knowledgeable. He focused on the correct technique to ensure I didn’t injure myself. He is extremely reliable and punctual and always ready to start training. I highly recommend Mark at Flex One.
Judi L.
Flex One Trinity is the place to go for total body fitness. Whether you are just starting out or have many years experience, Mark will customize a plan just for you. I have been training with Mark for 9 years and never plan on stopping. I will be 65 this year and feel like I’m in my 30’s. Thank you Mark!
Debbie P.
Mark always encouraged me to go a bit further than I thought I could and I did. Flex One is everything you could want in a gym. Great trainer who listens to your ideas and builds them into exercises that build strength. The gym itself is neat, clean and a fun place to be.
Susan M.
I have been training with Mark at Flex One Trinity for many years and have never felt better! Mark is a very knowledgeable and professional trainer who works up a fitness program totally suited for each person according to their individual needs and abilities. The gym is clean and totally judgement free! I highly recommend that you give Mark a call if you’re ready to improve your overall health & quality of life!
Rene K.
Mark was recommended by my physician after 2 shoulder surgeries and endless PT. I never thought I’d be working with a personal trainer! But the difference in my ability to move my arm and lift is noticeable and worth the investment. I recommend without reservation, Mark and his clean facility to anyone who wants personal attention to achieve their health goals.
Lorraine L.
I’ve been training with Mark for several years. He tailors a program to my needs and challenges me each time to always push the bar higher. He has helped me greatly with managing weight loss, providing guidance, diet tips, encouragement and most importantly, keeps me accountable! His knowledge and expertise are great and he keeps sessions interesting with a variety of exercises. For those with busy schedules, he can be flexible with time too. The gym is bright and clean and Mark is always welcoming.
Susan M
Let me rave about Flex One Trinity and specifically Mark Camacho. We have worked together to achieve specific goals throughout my 7 years there. Not only are Mark and his team proactive and goal oriented, they also become an active part of my (your) daily inspiration!! My recommendation to you is to try the BEST before you spin your wheels anywhere else!! Top notch facility with top notch equipment
Ceci M.
A fantastic one on one training experience! Mark is an excellent trainer. He listens to your goals and challenges and then creates a personalized program so you can succeed. Each session brings new and interesting challenges. I enjoy the variety of exercises and constant support and motivation during the workout. The work out plan is always executed flawlessly and maximizes time and effort. The facility is clean with a variety of equipment which is well maintained. mark is extremely professional, knowledgeable and flexible with scheduling. This is the first place where I truly feel comfortable working out and confident I will be able to achieve my fitness goals – thank you Mark
Laura E.
I have been training with Mark for 4 years now. He has been a great motivator for me and he has pushed me to new limits that I did not think I could get to. He has tailored my training programs each year to align with my goals and he is always looking for new ideas to get me to the next level. Thanks Mark for all you have done for me. I greatly appreciate it!
Mark M.